Storage Tips

1. Inspect your storage unit and make a list of the packing aids that you may need, such as: wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape, drop cloths, rope,mattress and furniture covers and boxes. Mr. Store It conveniently has packing items available for you to purchase at our facility.

2. Do not lean flex items against the wall. This will prevent items from warping.

3. Leave space around perimeter of unit to aid air ventilation.

4. Make sure to have a walkway to the rear of your unit.This will enable you to reach all your items as needed.

5. Take advantage of the height of your unit as well as the width and length.

6. Disassemble items that can be to make better use of your unit's space.

7. Place frequently used items near the door.

8. Fill storage boxes to capacity. Over-stuffed or partially full boxes may tip over or collapse.

9. Secure fragile items with cushioning.

10. Place fragile items toward the top of your unit.

11. Label all boxes.

12. Make a list of labeled boxes to take with you. This will give you a guide to find belongings later.

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